102 days to go….

I’m very nearly at my double digits now – little bit excited and look what arrived this morning…


I can honestly say its one of the very few Disney movies I’ve not seen all the way through so today is a day of Disney movies and adding some more info to my Magic Kingdom page so have a look there for some hints and tips and keep checking back for updates…


Disney Trip 2015

102 days to go today…. and this arrived this morning…


Would you believe that I’ve never actually seen it all the way through.. It’s one of those films I know all the songs to but I’ve never seen it. So today is a day of Disney movies and adding some more info to my Magic Kingdom page so take a look for some hints and tips and keep checking back for more updates.


103 days to go and today I ordered this awesome book to give me some more tips on Disney. There’s been a few editions of this and the new one isn’t out until the end of the month but I can’t wait to get it. I’ve just found a Hidden Mickeys one as well so I might just have to get that one too.



I’m currently at my 104 day countdown – nearly time to do the double digit dance….

I’m doing different things and finding out about stuff all the time so I thought I’d keep a diary and let you all know what I’ve done and how far in advance you can plan things 🙂

We’re all getting more and more excited by the day. This trip we’ll be staying at Disneys All Star Music resort a first for me staying on resort, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to not cry when I’m told ‘Welcome Home’ when I get to my hotel!

All our tickets have been booked and arrived a few weeks ago, we used Attraction Tickets Direct this time after a lot of recommendations. All the tickets are real tickets, no vouchers well priced and arrived quickly. They also have freebies all the time when you book tickets, we got free airboat rides with ours but it changes all the time. Check them out Attraction Tickets Direct

As well as Disney and Universal we’ve also booked the Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove and a Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld.

I’ve had the My Disney Experience App on my phone for a while and all tickets are linked up to that so I can make fastpass and dining reservations on it. It’s a really useful tool with Park Maps, Wait Times etc as well as the ability to make bookings. It also lets you customise your Magic Bands.  For those staying on Resort Dining Reservations can be made 180 days  before you go and FastPasses 90 days before you go.  We’ve already booked for Chef Mickeys and Sanaa which looks incredible.

It’s a bit early but the case is in the office and it’s slowly being packed with things I’ve bought just for the holiday and I’ve started my healthy eating regime trying to lose at least a stone before we go so I can pig out when we get there!! Lets see how that one works out….