Updates :)

I’ve been a busy bee today!!

I’ve added a few food reviews here, Chef Mickeys and dining with Minions How To Eat Cheap in Orlando… and some of the best places 🙂 

I’ve also updated some of the disability info and talked a bit about the best ways to get around Orlando Disney (and other Parks) – With Disabilities

Have a read 🙂

New Countdown!! 236 Days to go!!

I’m going to attempt to update all the info I need to from my last trip I didn’t get the time when we got home, far too many hours working!! I’m part time now and made a new years pledge to actually do something with this blog!!

Booking the next trip has reignited my excitement. Again we’re staying on resort although this time we’ve gone for Caribbean Beach rather than an All Star Resort. We have the dining plan so expect some info on that too. I’ve been looking and there’s things that I just can’t find info on so I’ll make sure that I cover that and this time I get to wear one of these: