Incredibles 2 – Movie Review

I’m going to be a bit controversial here and admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original movie of this. In fact if it wasn’t Disney then I probably wouldn’t have watched it. I was however pretty excited to watch the new one, trailers looked pretty good and I’d heard so many good things from US friends who were lucky enough to see it before us here across the pond.

This follows on directly from the first movie and we find our heroes approached to help change the laws on Superheroes by being ‘model’ heros and proving they’re important and not a danger. There is a catch. Not all of the Parrs are required, they only want Elastigirl.  This leaves Mr Incredible at home looking after the children. How hard can it be?

The beauty of this movie is the fact that these 2 stories are running alongside each other, its like 2 movies in one!

My favourite character – like most people – is Edna, she’s great in this but I do wish she was in it a little bit more her appearance was way too brief.

I wasn’t blown away with this movie. Sure there were good bits and of course the animation is just amazing, but I think there was so much more that could be done with it.

Jack Jack is the breakout star of this and exploring his powers were the best scenes in this both story wise and visually. His interaction with a furry visitor outside the house is one of my favourite Pixar moments. It’s brilliant. But again not enough.

The villain in it isn’t one of the most inspired characters and I found it all a little bit predictable. Pixar always has quite a lot of humour in its movies and I found this a little lacking in it.  I enjoyed it but it’s not one I will rush to see again.

However as we all know when you watch a Pixar movie you always get the added bonus of a little short before the main feature, this was obviously no exception and I think this is one of the sweetest ones I’ve seen.

Called ‘Bao’ its a story of a chinese lady who makes Bao buns when as she’s about to eat one it comes to life. I’m not sure if the ‘bun’ is metophorical and its like she’s having a flashback of memories about her son but it’s delightful. I absolutely loved it.  I’d watch that one over and over!

Overall if you’re a diehard Incredibles fan then you’re gonna love this film. For the rest of us it’s just an ‘ok’ movie. Can the next one be about Jack Jack and Edna? That would make an awesome movie!!

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