About me and contact

IMG_6017 After visiting Disney at the age of 19 I developed a bit of an obsession with it – as most people do after their 1st visit. I’m off on my 7th visit this September for my honeymoon and having given friends/family tips and hints for the last few years I thought I’d write a blog all about my happy place. Covering not only the Disney and Universal parks but other things to do as well.

I love the food over there so I’ll be telling you about some of my fave places to eat and how to get some deals and discounts on some of them to save you money on your trip so you can buy more Disney stuff!!

I have a disability so you’ll find access info on here as well and reviews on the best places to go if you are less mobile. Advice on hiring ECVs as the park ones can be very expensive and ways to make your trip hassle free. Orlando is probably the most disability friendly place I’ve ever visited.

If you have any questions or want me to look into something for you then please let me know 🙂


Aside from Disney I present a radio show and spend time with my Dogs, Husband and stepdaughter. I love music so you’ll often find me at gigs (especially Take That and Simple Plan) and I spend a lot of time at the cinema!!

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