Things I must Eat – Number 1

So if you’ve read my page about places to eat in Orlando you’ve probably figured out that I do like my food. I like to eat at home but when I’m in Orlando I eat so much more. I absolutely love the food there and the choices? Oh my gosh the choices!! I’ve never seen so much. It’s a good place to try new things and I have what is known as a sweet tooth so anything that is guaranteed to put me in a sugar coma is always going to be top of my list of things to eat. I’ve been looking into some of the things that Disney is famous for snack wise and I’ve come up with a few that I must try. There is so much food at Disney there’s loads of sites just about the food, the most informative being DisneyFoodBlog. 

There is an INSANE amount of food you can consume at Disney and they even have a food and wine festival at Epcot every year – definitely something I must plan a future trip around.



How amazing does that look!! I am obsessed with cake, I love it, all types of cake especially cupcakes and no one does frosting quite like the Americans. It’s not as sickly over there and it just tastes so much better. So imagine my delight when I saw these, half cake and half frosting!! Not only do they look absolutely incredible they’re also really cheap at only $3.99!! And although I won’t be sharing mine I’m sure they are big enough to share!!

They come in 4 flavours all based on characters from Alice in Wonderland, the original Cheshire Cupcake which I believe is vanilla, Mad Hatter Mocha, White Chocolate Rabbit and Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake. I might have to try them all.