Cinnamon things… or things I must eat 4 and 5

I’m actually running out of time to write all the stuff I want to before I go now, I’m on 25 days and have started making a shopping list of things – mostly food – that I want to bring home…

Todays things I must eat while I’m there though is a bit of a cinnamon fest. I LOVE cinnamon, in my opinion there isn’t enough cinnamon things in the UK and when we do use it there is never enough. There’s 2 things at Disney that are just heaven for a cinnamon addict…. and they’re both HUGE and under $5 what can be better than that…

GAstons-tavern-cinnamon-roll-insideI defy you to look at that and not have a salivating mouth!! The Cinnamon Roll at Gastons Tavern!! Look at it, warm bread, just the right amount of cinnamon and lovely sweet melting frosting! Big enough for at least 2 – but I won’t be sharing mine. Looks like Gastons has a good few things to be trying!!

and then there’s this….


Look at it, look how perfect it is!! The Croissant-Donut – or cronut if you will – found in Epcot at the Refreshment Port near Canada and you can have it with Ice Cream. Made like a Croissant and fried like a Donut, it’s then tossed in sugar and cinnamon. My mouth is watering just looking at it!!


Photo Credit – DisneyFoodBlog and Droolius


62 days to go, BOG and new job…

So, I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I have a fantastic new job that is taking a lot of my time up BUT it is Disney/Orlando related and I basically get to talk about Disney most of the day and give people advice on holidaying in Orlando… I’ve landed on my feet with this one 🙂

New Job means more money for me so that means more money for the holiday…. which means I CAN GO TO BE OUR GUEST!! I’ve been looking at the menu and I think I’ve decided what I want to eat… Have you seen the food at this place? It looks unbelievable!! I’m going with the herb crusted lamb….

boglamb And of course I couldn’t go there and not have The Grey Stuff which even though it’s essentially just a grey coloured mousse type thing looks bloody good…


I’m a little excited it has to be said!!

FastPasses can be booked on Saturday 🙂 (well Sunday really for the first day I need them for…alarm is set for 5AM apparently the key time to book them and get the ones you want!) I’m not brilliant in the mornings so we shall see how grumpy I am if I get up and don’t get the ones I want!!

Disney have also announced that ALL the tickets bought in the UK so all the Ultimate Ticket packages for 2016 will have Memory Maker free which is amazing. Memory Maker is a fab little package that includes all your ride and professional pictures taken during your time in Disney. You can access them online and print them off to your hearts content – and add some little extras as well. I have it for my trip so I shall report back on if it is as good as it seems.

I MAY have been shopping for some more holiday clothes, I bought these as part of my bounding outfit a few weeks ago, anyone know who I’m going as…

greenshorts lilac topJust need a hat now…..

Things I must Eat – Number 1

So if you’ve read my page about places to eat in Orlando you’ve probably figured out that I do like my food. I like to eat at home but when I’m in Orlando I eat so much more. I absolutely love the food there and the choices? Oh my gosh the choices!! I’ve never seen so much. It’s a good place to try new things and I have what is known as a sweet tooth so anything that is guaranteed to put me in a sugar coma is always going to be top of my list of things to eat. I’ve been looking into some of the things that Disney is famous for snack wise and I’ve come up with a few that I must try. There is so much food at Disney there’s loads of sites just about the food, the most informative being DisneyFoodBlog. 

There is an INSANE amount of food you can consume at Disney and they even have a food and wine festival at Epcot every year – definitely something I must plan a future trip around.



How amazing does that look!! I am obsessed with cake, I love it, all types of cake especially cupcakes and no one does frosting quite like the Americans. It’s not as sickly over there and it just tastes so much better. So imagine my delight when I saw these, half cake and half frosting!! Not only do they look absolutely incredible they’re also really cheap at only $3.99!! And although I won’t be sharing mine I’m sure they are big enough to share!!

They come in 4 flavours all based on characters from Alice in Wonderland, the original Cheshire Cupcake which I believe is vanilla, Mad Hatter Mocha, White Chocolate Rabbit and Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake. I might have to try them all.