Excuse me while I squeal a little!! I can now finally say we go next week!! The excitement is getting a bit much now to be honest I may well burst at any moment!

I get asked loads why I love Florida so much and how there are ‘loads of other places in the world’ but you know what? Apart from Italy (and maybe Germany after watching a Vlog about Europa Park) there isn’t really anywhere else I’m that bothered about visiting and I don’t think they’ll live up to my expectations after being to Disney.  I’m not a sit by the pool and drink type so a package holiday being stuck in a resort is my idea of hell I need things to do!!

I get asked why I don’t get bored being that I’ve been before – this will be trip number 6 – I don’t get bored because there’s always something new to see. In the space of 17 years I’ve seen loads of things come and go.  Rides like Snow Whites Scary Adventures and Mr Toads Wild Ride and Toon Town where you could visit the houses of Minnie and Mickey Mouse have gone and are missed and then there are things like Alien which scarred me for life and I’m not sorry to see the back of.

Of course the big new thing is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which has now stretched over 2 parks instead of just the one that there was on my last trip.

Even in 3 years there has been loads of development and new stuff to check out this time. Aside from the WWOHP extension there’s also the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, the new Frozen show and new parades at Disney. As well as the developments at Downtown Disney.   Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure now has a Raptor encounter and Universal Studios has Transformers and Springfield USA is open.

Seaworld has opened Empire of the Penguin and opened some new shows as well, not to mention the big opening of I-Drive 360 which comprises of the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds and Sealife Orlando.

With more changes and new rides/parks opening over the next few years – Avatarland at Animal Kingdom, the Star Wars expansion at Hollywood Studios (or whatever it will be called then…) and Universals Volcano Bay as well as the much talked about Nintendo Partnership at Universal.  And then there’s the King Kong ride that I totally forgot about – I remember the original one!! You can never get bored of Orlando there’s always something new opening!

The other thing I love is how accessible it is and how completely suitable it is for anyone with a disability. Be it a mobility issue like me or more complex needs no matter where you go in Orlando they will do whatever they can to help you and have policies in place for everything you could think of. Nothing is a hassle to them and unlike some other holiday destinations – I’ve been put in upstairs rooms in hotels with no lift and been felt like I’m causing the problem when I’m unable to walk up the stairs!! Here any sort of Disability isn’t seen as a major problem and rather than make a fuss they just figure out how to help you rather than huffing about it!!

The one thing I haven’t done properly in Orlando is a water park – I did Aquatica last time but all I did was bob along in the lazy river – I’m curious to see how they are geared up for someone like me.  There’s quite a few things I’m doing for the first time on this trip, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon which I’m really looking forward to. Discovery Cove which is something I’ve heard nothing but good things about (and that’s not just because all the food and drink is free), We’re doing a Penguin Encounter at Seaworld where we actually get to meet a real penguin – I’m a BIG fan of anywhere where I can cuddle any sort of animal, not sure the penguin will want me to cuddle it but I will give it a try.  We have an Airboat ride as well which I won’t lie, I’m a little bit scared of. I don’t really like boats at the best of times – unless it’s a cruise ship – so being on something that doesn’t look that steady and surrounded by gators isn’t exactly filling me with excitement. I panic in a kayak so goodness knows what I’m going to be like on this.  Also I’m finally getting to do a character breakfast – the bonus of taking kids – we’re doing both Chef Mickeys and Universals Superstar Breakfast (if the tickets get sorted in time) and also the Pirates Adventure Dinner Show. Last time I went to a dinner show I was ill with sunstroke and it wasn’t a pleasant experience so fingers crossed this one will be better.

The only thing that could make this trip even more perfect is that elusive booking at ‘Be Our Guest’…..

Things I must eat 2 and 3…

I’ve been a bit lax at this being so distracted by other things but after seeing a post in one of the groups I’m in of a Bloomin Onion (more on that in a future post) I thought I’d add to my ‘Things I must Eat’ posts….

Number 2 is this:

dolewhipThe infamous ‘DOLE WHIP’ after several trips to Disney I still haven’t tried this.  A Pineapple flavoured soft frozen dessert served on it’s own or as a float in Pineapple juice. It looks like the perfect thing to refresh and cool you down on a hot Floridian day. You will only find this in the Polynesian Resort or in Magic Kingdom at Aloha Isle in Adventureland.

Number 3 is sort of 2 things really and savoury ones:

turkey HUGE Turkey Leg


Pork Shank at Gastons Tavern

Again something I cannot believe I’ve not got round to trying. Although to be honest it is always hot in Orlando and walking round with a hot turkey leg the size of my arm (yes they are that big) is not really what you want to be doing in that heat!! They aren’t just normal turkey legs they’re marinated and I’ve heard so many people say how incredible they are so its on my list. As is the amazing looking Pork Shank you can get in Gastons Tavern along with the special ‘Lefous Brew’ they serve there in the Gaston Souvenir tankard – gotta love a souvenir tankard I have quite a collection 🙂


There’s some really good videos talking about some of the snacks etc at Disney, to be honest most of them are not brilliant but this one makes me laugh and hungry at the same time…

Fastpasses and My Magic +

Up at 4:50am on Sunday to book my Fastpasses being as I was at my 60 day mark, I’d actually set my alarm for 5am for the next 2 weeks so I can book them all up. I was under the impression that when you can book 60 (or 30) days in advance you could only book the day that the 60 (or 30) mark applys to. Have I explained that right? Apparently my sources were wrong and I’ve in fact booked all my passes for the time I’m away – no super early morning for me now!!

Getting them booked was really easy and a lot more self explanatory than I thought it would be.

Basically you open your My Disney Experience App, pick the park you”re booking for and choose your ride. It’ll then open a window giving you the date options.  Pick your date and then it will give you a list of rides. They put the rides into category’s, I think it’s by popularity, and you’re given the option of picking one from the most popular lot and then 2 from the other ones – or all 3 from the other ones depends on your preferences.

It then gives you your fast pass selections with times next to them, it generally gives you 3 or 4 combinations to choose from, either with the same rides and different times or sometimes with some of your options substituted for something similar. For example I’ve booked the Anna and Elsa meet (I really didn’t fancy spending 6 hours of my day waiting for them with 3 impatient children) and the time selections were quite late in the day, it gave me the option of meeting Rapunzel and Cinderella if I wanted to do it at an earlier time. However I believe if you’re doing this on a computer and not using the App it gives you a choice of times.

If the times are not what you want though book it anyway and log on on a PC later on where you can modify your fastpasses and choose from a list of times (I’ve just changed my Anna and Elsa from 9:30pm to 2:30pm which is much more suitable, and my Space Mountain from 7pm to 9:30am). So all is not lost if you don’t get the times you want. I’m now deciding whether to change my Mission:Space ones from early afternoon to first thing although I’m not sure as going on that after a massive breakfast at Golden Corral is a wise idea……

I’ve also done an online check in today for my resort which gives you the ability to request a floor and what part of the hotel you want which is fab 🙂 Also means less queuing when you check in and we all know that’s always a good thing.

I’m not having much luck with my Be Our Guest booking,  I spoke to a lovely lady on the phone today who looked at all the days I’m there and found NO availability 😦 She did tell me though that they generally have some 2 weeks before people go, something to do with cancellations and she also said asking on the day is always worthwhile. So if you’re like me and struggling then there is hope 🙂