Cinnamon things… or things I must eat 4 and 5

I’m actually running out of time to write all the stuff I want to before I go now, I’m on 25 days and have started making a shopping list of things – mostly food – that I want to bring home…

Todays things I must eat while I’m there though is a bit of a cinnamon fest. I LOVE cinnamon, in my opinion there isn’t enough cinnamon things in the UK and when we do use it there is never enough. There’s 2 things at Disney that are just heaven for a cinnamon addict…. and they’re both HUGE and under $5 what can be better than that…

GAstons-tavern-cinnamon-roll-insideI defy you to look at that and not have a salivating mouth!! The Cinnamon Roll at Gastons Tavern!! Look at it, warm bread, just the right amount of cinnamon and lovely sweet melting frosting! Big enough for at least 2 – but I won’t be sharing mine. Looks like Gastons has a good few things to be trying!!

and then there’s this….


Look at it, look how perfect it is!! The Croissant-Donut – or cronut if you will – found in Epcot at the Refreshment Port near Canada and you can have it with Ice Cream. Made like a Croissant and fried like a Donut, it’s then tossed in sugar and cinnamon. My mouth is watering just looking at it!!


Photo Credit – DisneyFoodBlog and Droolius

Things I must eat 2 and 3…

I’ve been a bit lax at this being so distracted by other things but after seeing a post in one of the groups I’m in of a Bloomin Onion (more on that in a future post) I thought I’d add to my ‘Things I must Eat’ posts….

Number 2 is this:

dolewhipThe infamous ‘DOLE WHIP’ after several trips to Disney I still haven’t tried this.  A Pineapple flavoured soft frozen dessert served on it’s own or as a float in Pineapple juice. It looks like the perfect thing to refresh and cool you down on a hot Floridian day. You will only find this in the Polynesian Resort or in Magic Kingdom at Aloha Isle in Adventureland.

Number 3 is sort of 2 things really and savoury ones:

turkey HUGE Turkey Leg


Pork Shank at Gastons Tavern

Again something I cannot believe I’ve not got round to trying. Although to be honest it is always hot in Orlando and walking round with a hot turkey leg the size of my arm (yes they are that big) is not really what you want to be doing in that heat!! They aren’t just normal turkey legs they’re marinated and I’ve heard so many people say how incredible they are so its on my list. As is the amazing looking Pork Shank you can get in Gastons Tavern along with the special ‘Lefous Brew’ they serve there in the Gaston Souvenir tankard – gotta love a souvenir tankard I have quite a collection 🙂


There’s some really good videos talking about some of the snacks etc at Disney, to be honest most of them are not brilliant but this one makes me laugh and hungry at the same time…