11 Days, Restaurant vouchers and my last ‘what I must eat’….

This week is dragging! Not long to go now and the only things that I need to do are hair and my Disney nails 🙂

I’ve mentioned before on this blog about how to save money on eating when in Orlando (look at my Places to eat page).  So this week I’ve been signing up to loads of mailing lists and getting some money off vouchers. It’s a really good way to save a few pennies when you’re over there. Some of them only have a 2 week validity so it’s best to do them a week before you go.  They love their coupons in Orlando so you’ll always find some great ones in a lot of the restaurants and also gift shops when you’re there. Look out for the booklets on the way out of shops etc and pick up as many as you can find! Groupon is another great place to look for offers and deals on restaurants in the area.

One place I cannot wait to eat in again and the last thing on my list of ‘Things I must eat’ is this; bloomin-onion-289x208

The infamous ‘Bloomin Onion’ from Outback Steakhouse. To be honest I’ve not had a bad fried onion of any description in Florida but this is just amazing.  I have NO idea what they put in the batter but there’s definitely cinnamon in it and the dip is amazing as well. Everytime I look at a picture of these my mouth waters and I can taste it!! I’ve raved about it since I came back last time and it’s the one thing I’m looking forward to eating the most! They also do amazing steaks 🙂 But the Bloomin Onion is worth the visit on its own!!