No More Selfie Sticks… or Wet N Wild…

So Disney announced this week that they are extending their selfie stick ban to not only cover the rides but also now the parks as a whole and I can’t say I’m unhappy with the idea!!

Apart from the fact that quite honestly you look like a tit when you use one you have to think about the safety of others when you’re using one of those things. It’s bad enough having people who stop to look at stuff right in front of you but when you have a load of people just randomly stopping to take a selfie and it taking them a while to get it right it’s just a recipe for disaster. I for one am welcoming this ban and I’m hoping that everyone else will follow suit.

There are growing safety concerns for the use of the sticks on the fast moving rides and there have been numerous incidents of some of the rides being closed for periods of time because of this, much to the annoyance of other park guests because lets face it wait times at Disney are long enough without having the rides constantly stopped.

You can read a little more about it all Disney Ban on Selfie Sticks

We’re saying goodbye this year to something else in Orlando with the news that Wet N Wild is to close at the end of this year to make way for Universals Volcano Bay water park.

I had been wondering how long it would be before Universal opened their own water park and I have to say I am looking forward to seeing what they do with it. I visited Wet N Wild on my first trip in 1998 and to be honest I don’t remember a lot of it, I know it had some of the most extreme water rides because I wouldn’t go on them!! It’s definitely somewhere you need to visit if you have the chance before it closes.

There’s not a lot of info yet on Volcano Bay, needless to say it is based around a Volcano and I would imagine there will be something themed around it erupting, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of concept art yet but more information is expected to be announced in the coming months.