Disneymoon Day 1 – Plane, Longhorns and getting lost…


After getting up at the silly hour of 3am (for a 11:20am flight!) Yes I know we’re mental loads of stuff to do before we left!! Picked up by the lovely Rob from Planelink Executive who I would highly recommend if you’re in the Southampton/Portsmouth/Hampshire area, we left home round about 7:15 and were checked in and through security by 9:15 bit of a record I think.  The Virgin check in staff were lovely although they didn’t offer us a free upgrade even though were were wearing our wedding ears!

It’s been a while since I actually paid attention to facilities in an airport but in the interest of research and knowing I was blogging I actually walked around and took in some useful little bits of info. There are an insane amount of charging points for all your electrical devices both USB and good old fashioned proper plugs which is useful if you’re in the departure lounge for a while. There is also USB charge points at the departure gates.

As always being as it’s too far to walk I did book assistance in advance, between getting through security and getting picked up to go to the gate was only 90 minutes or so which was really good. Straight through and straight on the plane, so if you do struggle to walk then it is really handy to book it.

We had a very swift breakfast in Garfunkels (no alcohol though) and no time for pudding or even a little peruse around the shops, which I think Paul was secretly happy about given my past record with perfume purchases before going on holiday 🙂

Boarding was quick and easy and we had a mostly lovely journey on Jersey Girl.  I was proud of Paul for actually staying awake for the whole flight despite taking some pills to make him sleep, it was nice to have him talking instead of snoring and drooling next to me.


All seats on Virgin have individual USB charging points which is fab and on board WiFi (which you do have to pay for).

One of the things I absolutely dread about being on a plane is having to watch the security videos. I don’t want to see how my plane will crash thanks when I’m sat on a plane at the time!! Thankfully Virgin don’t actually use planes to show what you need to do in an emergency, they have a really quirky little video using cars and boats and it’s great for those of us who can be a little nervous when flying.

Entertainment was pretty good although I didnt get to watch a lot as my headphones were dodgy – note to self dont forget your own headphones next time – I did pinch Pauls in the end and watched a few episodes of Family Guy.  Amelia loved all the games on the plane however her screen did crash several times while she was playing which was annoying.

We were through at this end pretty quick again and off to get our beast of a car and onward to Port Orleans, doing pretty well until we actually got to the Disney resort when there was literally NO signs for our hotel (although 100’s for the others) and it took us about 2 hours to find it!!

Port Orleans is a beautiful resort, staff are lovely. We had a lovely little song to welcome us from Robert who noted our ears and knew we were on our honeymoon 🙂 Thats Disney Magic right there.

We’re in the French Quarter which is a small resort which is fab for us.

We had a cool caricature done and then went off to Longhorns for the steak we’ve been craving for 2 years!!

Got in shattered at 11 after being up for over 24 hours and now today we are off to Animal Kingdom for breakfast with Mr Duck!!