About my Happy Place :)

Hello to you all – or just the one of you – I have no idea who’s going to read this blog or indeed who would want to but after doing LOADS of research into my upcoming Disney holiday and after learning some tips myself on my several trips I thought I’d start my own blog and give you all a few hints and tips and some of the best places to find things that I might not know about yet 🙂

I’m a Disney nut, I was never into it as a kid but after visiting at 19 I caught the bug. I saw Dopey as soon as I walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom and so was the start of my love affair with all things Disney. Since then I’ve visited 5 times over the last 17 years and am off on my next trip in exactly 124 days…. this will be my first trip staying on Disney property and my first trip with young children which makes it all the more exciting. Having visited with friends, elderly relatives, teenagers and having a disability I think I’m quite qualified now to pass on some of my experiences to others and make their trips a bit easier.

I hope you find something here that makes your trip extra special,

Have a magical day….