Other Places to Visit – there is more to Orlando than Disney and Universal!!

99% of people visit Orlando for the parks but there is actually a lot more to Orlando than theme parks would you believe!! I thought I’d share some of the places I’ve been that I enjoyed and some of the ones I know about that are on my ‘To Do’ list.

Old Town Kissimmee – Although it’s currently being renovated and some of the things I remember from my first visit are no longer there I love Old Town. There’s some amazing shops there that sell some really interesting stuff – I recommend the dog shop for those of you with pets. I’m hoping to find my 2 Minnie and Mickey costumes. They have Car Cruises most nights with different themes from muscle cars to vintage cars and live music in keeping with the themes. It’s next to a Fun Spot to keep the kids entertained and there’s quite a few places to eat including Checkers who do awesome burgers and an A&W which I love. There’s arcade games (I won loads of cool things on my first visit). It’s a good place to visit for an evening. www.myoldtownusa.com

Gatorland – I’m hoping to have time to pay this one a visit on my upcoming trip. I first went again on my first visit nearly 20 years ago!! I loved Gatorland, I was so excited about the gator wrestling although I was a bit disappointed when I realised that they don’t actually wrestle with the gators….. There’s a lot more there than when I went, it used to be a half day attraction and now it’s a full day. There’s loads of animals there that you can meet and you can have pictures with the gators. There’s also now more activities there like the ‘Gator Zip Line’ where you actually hang directly above the gators. www.gatorland.com

Mini Golf – At home I HATE playing Golf, in Florida I’m upset if I don’t get to play. It’s a fab thing to do after going out for a meal, there’s quite a few different courses dotted up and down I-Drive. I’ve played on most of them and I think Pirates Cove was my fave. It’s obviously pirate themed and as with everything in Orlando they really submerse you in the theme and you can win pirates gold which is always fun and entitles you to free games – I think I still have one somewhere from a past trip. I like the fact you have the choice of a short game or a longer game depending on the amount of holes you want to play. Congo River is fab as well I seem to remember one of those courses having live gators on it…. Universal and Disney both have their own mini golf courses too. Disney has character topiarys all around it and the universal one is obviously movie themed and looks amazing it even has light up balls!!

www.piratescove.net  www.congoriver.com Disney Mini Golf Universal Mini Golf



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