Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom is the most magical of the Disney Parks and always the busiest. It’s my favourite 🙂 Disney for me is all about the character meets cos that’s where they really live. Magic Kingdom is full of them, there’s characters around every corner. It also houses my favourite ride Space Mountain, the first roller coaster I ever went on and still my favourite.

There are several ways you can get to MK  there’s a boat or a monorail. I personally prefer the boat, I think it takes a bit longer than the monorail but I love being on the lagoon and all of a sudden the castle comes into view, makes me cry every time!!  It’s an incredible sight and I never tire of it 🙂 Even if you do the boat just once I recommend it. Come to think of it I have no frame of reference with the monorail because I can’t remember ever going on it!! I must do it this trip!


The park is divided into 6 different areas: Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Frontierland and Adventureland.  Each land is themed in the way that only Disney knows how and completely immerses you within that theme so you believe that you are in the Wild West or years and years into the future.

Top Tip: Most people when they enter a park will go round it clockwise so instead of following the crowds to Tomorrowland try starting in Adventureland or at the rear of the park in Fantasyland, they will be less crowded.

Top Tip: Book Fastpasses for the busiest/most popular rides. My Disney Experience will give you an idea of wait times for rides. Generally currently the longest wait lines are for Peter Pans Flight, Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Big Thunder Mountain.

Top Tip: If there are 2 parades watch the later one. The earlier one will be more crowded and while it’s on the ride lines will be shorter. Everyone crowds to Main Street and in front of the castle to watch it, check out the parade route and see where else it goes.



Main Street USA is your route into MK. It’s an early 20th century themed street lined with shops and restaurants and the first place to meet characters when you enter the parks on opening. I have only seen characters meet in Town Square when the park opens so make sure you get there early.  The street is themed on Walt Disneys childhood and the film Lady and The Tramp in fact you can find Tonys Town Square Restuarant there the famous place where Lady and The Tramp shared their spaghetti. There’s a fountain inside and I’m told you can get their ‘autographs’ there as well.

There are no rides in Main Street however there are some cool things that people overlook in their rush to get in the park and on the other rides.

Have a hair cut at the Harmony Barbershop, they do a brilliant package for ‘Baby’s First Haircut’ complete with a certificate and Mickey Ears – as well as a few other surprises. Currently prices are $19 for this.

Don’t miss the Dapper Dans the barbershop quartet who can be seen frequently on Main Street during the day.

Keep an eye out for the Citizens of Main Street USA who will all be dressed in period costume and are just as much Disney characters as Mickey and Minnie!! They may even sing!

Entertainment and Characters

Magic Kingdom Welcome Show – or ‘Rope Drop’ to some. This is a ceremony every morning when the park opens with Mickey and friends who welcome you to MK. It takes place outside the entrance to the park. Check park guide for daily times.


Main Street Philharmonic – Brass band playing tunes from classic Disney movies mixed with ragtime and swing – you can also find them in Fantasyland – check park guide for times

Main Street Trolley Show – See all the citizens arrive on the trolley with singing and dancing to welcome you to MK.

Caseys Corner Pianist – check park guide for times

Flag Retreat – Pledge allegiance to the flag and hear patriotic songs as the flag is lowered and folded. Disney pick a guest every day to assist with this.

Disney Friends meet at Town Square

Mickey Mouse meets at Town Square theatre

Tinkerbell meets at Town Square Theatre

Top Tip Be sure to visit Guest Services if you are celebrating a birthday, engagement, reunion, wedding or even your first visit to Disney. You will be given a free badge.


Top Tip If you see an old telephone on the wall, pick it up you never know what you might hear….

Top Tip Look up at the windows and signs as you go along the street, if you see something about singing or piano lessons stop under it and listen….

Top Tip Have a seat next to Goofy on his bench, he loves to chat to you…

Top Tip Take a picture by the ‘Partners’ statue of Walt and Mickey, there’s loads of other statues of other Disney characters around it as well.

It’s worth taking the time to investigate Main Street if you have the time there’s loads of little hidden secrets for the Disnerd there!

disability-parking-sign-at-disneyMain Street is also where you will find Guest Services, head left as you walk into Town Square. There is also wheelchair and ECV hire at Main Street.



Ah the castle, the focal point of MK and the most famous image of WDW. You can’t go to Disney and not have a photo taken in front of it. I recommend getting the Memory Maker package if you can which means that all the pictures taken by Disney Photographers and on ride photos are there for you to download so you don’t have to purchase them all. If you don’t want to do that however most, if not all of the photographers will take a picture on your own camera if you ask them 🙂

The front of the castle is the backdrop to a variety of shows at Disney during the day – a must for young and old alike. It’s also the backdrop of the incredible ‘Wishes’ Spectacular in the evening, MKs evening show. It’s not to missed using the Castle as a canvas for an incredible light, sound and firework show. If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye you’re heartless!

You can walk through the castle and see Cinderella told through murals on the walls. There’s a wishing well behind it and if you bow when you put your money in and look up you can see Cinderella being crowned.

Inside the castle there is an exclusive suite not available to hire but lucky winners were able to stay in it during a promotion Disney did a few years ago. There apparently is no fee to stay there but it can only be done as part of a promotion.  I for one would LOVE to stay there, it looks incredible.

Also inside the castle you can visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where your little ones can be transformed into a real Disney Princess for the day by their very own Fairy Godmother.

You can eat inside as well, with the princesses!! Cinderellas Royal Table is a character dining option and it looks beautiful. So if your little princesses want to meet Belle, Snow White, Aurora and friends this is a good option. It does get booked up quite quickly so reservations are recommended.

Entertainment and Characters

Fairy Godmother meets behind the Castle.




Tomorrowland is the place for all things futuristic and innovative.  Walt Disney was fascinated with technology and the future and Tomorrowland was the culmination of a lot of his ideas of what the future holds.

“Tomorrow can be a wonderful age. Our scientists today are opening the doors of the Space Age to achievements that will benefit our children and generations to come. The Tomorrowland attractions have been designed to give you an opportunity to participate in adventures that are a living blueprint of our future.” – Walt Disney

It was reimagined in the 90s  and is designed to look like it’s very much a space theme, if you’ve seen ‘Meet The Robinsons’ it reminds me a lot of that film.



Astro Orbiter is a spinning rocket ride that is featured at every Disney park. It’s fun for all the family and a good way to get an incredible view of the park when you’re up high.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow, spinning ride.

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Ask cast member for entrance, must transfer from wheelchair/ECV.

   astro2 astro3 astro

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin is a mixture of a shooting game and a people moving ride. You head off in your Space Cruiser on a quest to stop the Evil Emporer Zurg from stealing the batteries that power the little green mens vehicles.  You are a Star Command recruit as you head off to stop him and compete with your family as to who gets the highest scores and becomes a ‘Galactic Hero’

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow, spinning ride and shooting gallery game

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Ask cast member for entrance, must transfer to Wheelchair to ride.

buzz buzz2 buzz3

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a theatre show with a difference. Combining digital puppetry with live voice actors so the characters can interact with the audience.  I LOVE stuff like this, the kids (and me) get so excited when their favourite characters talk to them.  The idea behind it is that ‘Monstropolis’ needs more laughs to power its energy so they decided to open a comedy club and ‘collect’ the laughs.

Top Tip Try and get picked to be ‘That Guy’, you’ll be the butt of all the jokes throughout the show and get an ‘I was ‘That Guy” sticker at the end. One of those cool extras that Disney has.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in wheelchair/ECV

laugh laugh2 laugh3

Space Mountain is one of the 3 mountains at MK and is an indoor space themed roller coaster in the dark. It’s my absolute favourite ride and on a quiet day I think I managed to ride 6 times!! It’s in the dark and is quite fast paced but this ride is perfect as a first roller coaster as it does not go upside down at any point.  It’s the oldest operating roller coaster in Florida and just celebrated its 40th birthday!!

Height Restrictions – 44in (112cm) or taller

Thrill Level – Fast, Dark ride with big drops.

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Access via fast pass line, must transfer to wheelchair and then to ride vehicle

space space2 space3

Stitchs Great Escape is interactive theatre ride where you’re taken in as recruits of the Galactic Federation when you are alerted of a prisoner being beamed to the centre.  He manages to escape! You are seated through the ride and are restrained by shoulder restraints. The majority of the ride is in the dark and relys on you imagination making you think that Stitch is jumping on you and burping in your ear!!

Height Restrictions – 40in (102cm) or taller

Thrill Level – Dark, Loud and not one if you don’t like feeling like you can’t escape.

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Access via fast pass or exit line  must transfer to wheelchair.

stitch3 stitch2 stitch

Tomorrowland Speedway is a driving experience ride where guests drive their chosen vehicle around an enclosed track. It’s based on an International Car Race and really good fun for the whole family.

Height Restrictions – 32 in (81cm) or taller

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Ask cast member for access info, must transfer from wheelchair/ECV

speedway speedway2 speedway3

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is a brilliant way to have a look round Tomorrowland without walking!! It’s an aerial train ride, a bit like the monorail that takes you around the area and tells you all about Tomorrowland. It’s a slow moving ride that takes you in and out of most of the rides in the area. It’s a perfect opportunity to see what some of them are like for people who might be a bit unsure if they want to ride Space Mountain. This is the only way you can see what it looks like with the lights on!!! I really like this ride, it’s an opportunity to sit down for a while and look out over the park. Plus there’s never a queue!

Height Restriction – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow train ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must be ambulatory.

peoplemover peoplemover2 peoplemover3

Walt Disneys Carousel of Progress is another slow moving ride in which you are taken on a journey through the invention of electricity and other technological advances. It was Walt Disneys favourite ride.  It features different scenes with audio anamatronics to depict some of the advances in technology since the start of the 2oth century. Another good opportunity to get away from the crowds and another ride with a short queue if any!!

Height Restriction – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow moving ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in wheelchair/ECV

carousel carousel2 carousel3

Entertainment and Characters

#INCREDIBLESSuperDanceParty – A chance to meet and dance with Mr and Mrs Incredible and Frozone as they celebrate saving the world again!!


Buzz Lightyear meets at the exit courtyard of his ride

Stitch meets at the Rockettower Plaza Stage

Places to Eat:

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies – For quick service cookies, muffins and snacks

Cool Ship – A space age stand where you can get WDWs world famous ‘Turkey Leg’ and purchase souvenir sports bottles with your fountain drinks.

Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe – A quick service sit down resturant with hot and cold snacks, burgers and fries in an intergalactic setting.


The Lunching Pad – An outdoor eaterie in the middle of Tomorrowland where you can get Coney Dogs and other hot fast food and drinks.


Tomorrowland Terrace Cafe – The home of the Dessert Party during the evening when you can watch the ‘Wishes’ fireworks from the terrace but also a great place if you want a proper sit down meal with an incredible view of the castle.




Fantasyland is the most magical of the lands at MK, it’s where all the fairytale characters live and was re imagined in 2010 and fully opened in 2014. It’s now divided into 2 areas, Storybook Circus and Enchanted Forest.

I love Fantasyland it’s full of those sort of slow train rides that tell you fairytales and put you inside a story. They may be for kids but I love them.

“Fantasyland is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.” –
Walt Disney



Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid is a slow moving story telling ride where you board a clam and you’re taken on a magical journey full of songs and characters from The Little Mermaid.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow moving story telling ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Ask cast member for access, must transfer to wheelchair

mermaid mermaid2 mermaid3

Enchanted Tales With Belle looks absolutely amazing!! Although it is aimed at the little ones this is a ride I’m really looking forward to doing on my trip. You’re taken into the castle where you meet some of the beloved characters from the movie. including Wardrobe who looks amazing if the videos I’ve seen are anything to go by. It’s an interactive experience where children are picked to take part in the story and become some of the characters. You are seated in a small theatre and Lumiere then tells you that Belle is excited to see you and Belle then comes in and tells her story with help from some of the little ones.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Theatre show with live actors

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must Transfer to wheelchair

belle belle2 belle3

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the ride I’m most looking forward to doing. Snow White is my fave movie and Dopey is my fave character. I’m slightly upset that the dwarfs don’t meet at all now except for during the Halloween and Christmas celebrations but at least there’s a new ride to keep me happy.

It’s a rollercoaster mine train ride based on the film and has one of the most interactive queues at Disney with games themed on the movie while you wait. This is also one of the few rides that offers you a video of your experience as well as the photos you can buy.

The carts are designed to rock side to side to make you feel like you’re in a mine cart so it makes it a little bit different to the normal mine train rides.

Height Restrictions – 38 in (97cm) or taller

Thrill Level – Small drops fast ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV

dwarfs dwarfs2 dwarfs3

The Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini is a junior roller coaster found in Storybook Circus. The carts are made to look like small barnstormer planes.

Height Restrictions – 35in (89cm) or taller

Thrill Level – Small Drops

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

barn barn2 barn3

The Casey Jr Splash n Soak Station is typical of Florida and is a small splash park between The Barnstormer and Dumbos Flying Elephants. You find things like this throughout all the parks in Orlando and are a great way for the kids to cool down. Always a good idea for them to wear swim wear under their clothes or wear thin clothes that dry fast in the Florida sun.

It’s obviously based on the train from Dumbo and is designed to look like the animals are spraying out water

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Splash Park

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in wheelchair/ECV

casey casey2 casey3

Dumbo the Flying Elephant has been a favourite ride at MK for years. It’s an aerial carousel ride that you can find at all the Disney parks all over the world.  Riders get in their own Dumbo vehicle and ride high in the sky with amazing views of the park.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow, Spinning Ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV

dumbo dumbo2 dumbo3

Walt Disney World Railroad is the railroad that goes all around the MK park stopping in each of the themed lands. Walt Disney was an avid railway enthusiast and had built his own miniature railroad in his backyard, the WDW railroad was his fullsize version!! It’s a really good way to get around the parks if you don’t feel like walking and a nice way to see it all.

All the locomotives are named after people who made a huge contribution to the efforts of The Disney Company and WDW. ‘Lilly-Belle’ is named after Walt Disneys wife, ‘Roger E. Broggie’ who was responsible for obtaining the locomotives for the park and was one of the original imagineers involved in the EPCOT project, ‘Roy O. Disney’ is named after Walts older brother and business partner and ‘Walter E. Disney’ is of course named after Walt Disney himself.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow rides

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer to Wheelchair

railroad railroad2 railroad3

Its a Small World is probably one of the most famous rides at WDW and although it is incredibly annoying – you just try and get that song out of your head after going on it, I promise you you won’t – it is hugely popular and a must do when you’re there.

It’s a boat ride that takes a journey around the world with animatronic children in their countrys native costumes. The song is sung in different languages throughout the ride and the end scene is with all the children in their different costumes singing together.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow water ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer to Wheelchair

small small2 small3

Mad Tea Party is a spinning teacup ride based on the UnBirthday scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It’s renowned for being one of the rides that the most guests get motion sickness on. You’re spun around in pastel coloured teacups for a madcap music-filled adventure.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Spinning Ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

tea tea2 tea3

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh is another one of those slow story telling rides, this one tells the story of Winnie The Pooh and the Blustery Day. You’re transported in a hunny pot through the hundred acre wood on a journey with Pooh and his friends. There was a new queue system opened with the expansion of the New Fantasyland resembling the hundred acre wood with interactive games and a playground allowing some of the younger guests to play while the parents wait in line.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow Rides

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must Transfer to Wheelchair

pooh pooh2 pooh3

Mickeys Philharmagic is a 4-D film attraction using, music, sound, scent and even water to bring the film to life. Donald Duck takes you through a journey thorough some of Disneys most popular classic movies and I’m told is one of the best shows at Disney. I’ve never seen it. It’s one of those things I always forget about but this time it’s high on my list!!

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in Wheelchair/ECV

phil phil2 phil3

Peter Pans Flight is a suspended dark ride based on the Peter Pan story. It’s basically a slow story telling ride except instead of a ride cart like a train this one ‘flies’ and you’re suspended from above. You start off on a journey to neverland flying above Captain Hook just like you are Peter Pan. As with all Disney rides though they add the magic to it making it much more than just a ride over Neverland.  This is always one of the favourite rides at WDW and there is always a queue for it, Fastpasses are a good idea for this one!

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow Ride, Small Drops

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must be ambulatory

peter peter2 peter3

Prince Charmings Regal Carousel is Disneys version of the classic carousel ride and a firm favourite with families. This one is named after Prince Charming as you can see images from Cinderella on the ride itself. If you look closely you will see one horse with a gold bow, that horse is Cinderellas horse.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow, spinning ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

charming charming2 charming3

Entertainment and Characters:

Alice meets at the Mad Tea Party

Anna and Elsa meet at Princess Fairytale Hall – this is currently a really busy meet so Fast Pass is recommended

Ariel meets at her Grotto

Cinderella and Rapunzel meet at Princess Fairytale Hall

Donald, Daisy, Minnie, and friends meet dressed as circus stars at Petes Silly Sideshow

Gaston meets near his tavern

Aladdin and Jasmine meets at Agrabah Bazaar

Merida meets at Fairytale Garden

Peter Pan meets at Neverland Map

Tiana and Prince Naveen meet at Tianas Garden Glen

Tigger and Pooh meet at The Thotful Spot

Places to Eat:

Be Our Guest Restaurant one of the most sought after reservations at WDW and the one that everyone wants to eat in. It’s obviously Beasts Castle and you can try the ‘grey stuff’ (which apparently actually is delicious). The rooms are enchanted and make you believe you’re actually in the castle, when you book a reservation you can investigate all the rooms. You can also meet with Beast during the evening. The enchanted Rose is there as well and the attention to detail is phenomenal. I’ve not eaten there myself but it has incredible reviews online so it’s definitely one worth checking out. It is quite expensive though.

bog bog1 bog3

Cheshire Cafe – quick service muffins from a quaint little cottage.


The Friars Nook – another quick service but with loads of choice of hot and cold meals and beverages


Gastons Tavern – The manliest of manly places and somewhere I cannot wait to visit. I LOVE Gaston. It’s more of a snack place than the place for a full meal but it is the home of  ‘LeFou’s Brew’ the resturants signature non alcoholic beverage and Disneys version of Butterbeer!!

gaston gaston2

Pinocchio Village Haus – Looks like a quaint little cottage that Pinocchio and Gepetto would live in. It serves Italian favourites including Gelato 🙂 I have a Pinocchio nut living in my house so I imagine we will be visiting here more than once….


Prince Erics Village Market – This is something you end up craving after a while in Orlando. Healthy food and snacks this is the place to get them. Fresh Fruit and Veg, Hummus and icy treats as well.


Storybook Treats – The home of the Fudge Brownie Sundae big enough for at least 2!! And also really inexpensive.

treats treats2

Top Tip – Fantasyland has one of most unique rest areas in the entire park. Completely themed on Tangled. If you need a wee stop here!! Pascal is hidden somewhere as well so see if you can spot him…




Based on old Colonial America you can find replicas of the Liberty Bell and the Liberty Tree here.  It’s the smallest of the lands in MK with only 3 attractions.


GET A FASTPASS FOR: Haunted Mansion

The Hall of Presidents is a multi media stage show with audio-animatronic figures of all 43 US Presidents. I HAD to visit this after the references to it in Bill and Ted!! Although it may be a bit boring for younger ones I actually really like it. It’s educational and gives you a history of the USA.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in Wheelchair/ECV

pres pres2 pres3

The Haunted Mansion is one of my favourite rides and takes you on a tour of the mansion in a ‘doom buggy’. It has some incredible special effects in it and never gets boring. Be careful you don’t take any stowaways home with you though.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Dark, slow, ghost train

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

mansion mansion2 mansion3

Liberty Square Riverboat or ‘Liberty Belle’ is a replica of an old paddle wheel riverboat. It takes you on a journey through the rivers of America and all round Tom Sawyer Island. It’s not the most exciting of rides but it’s a fun thing to do to relax. Children can ask to steer or drive the boat and will be given a certificate if they do, yet another of the little things that Disney do that adds to the magic.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

Thrill Level – Slow boat ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in Wheelchair/ECV

boat boat2 boat3



Places to Eat:

Columbia Harbour House is a mostly fish restaurant with a nautical themed interior.

columbia columbia2

The Diamond Horseshoe is an old time Wild West Music Hall serving classic american food. It’s located between Liberty Square and Frontierland. I’ve only just discovered this place but I think it’s just made my list of must eats!!

horse horse2

Liberty Tree Tavern is a colonial-style inn serving traditional New England inspired food. *This will be closed from July 6th 2015 – November 20th 2015 for a refurbishment.

tree tree2

Sleepy Hollow where you can find the famous funnel cake amongst other sweet treats like waffles, ice cream, floats and sundaes.




This land is themed on the American Old West home of Cowboys and Pioneers, Saloons and Gold Rushes.

Frontierland. It is here that we experience the story of our country’s past. The color, romance and drama of frontier America as it developed from wilderness trails to roads, riverboats, railroads and civilization. A tribute to the faith, courage and ingenuity of our hearty pioneers who blaze the trails and made this progress possible. – Walt Disney


GET FASTPASSES FOR: Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the 2nd ‘mountain’ at WDW and is a traditional runaway mine train ride. It is one of the most popular rides in the park.

Height Restrictions – 40in (102cm) or taller

Thrill Level – Small Drops, fast ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

thunder thunder2 thunder3

Country Bear Jamboree is another theatre show with anamatronic, singing bears. I LOVE this attraction, although it may be dated and not as thrilling as many of the others it reminds me of my very first trip to WDW and it still makes me laugh now. There is of course now a film based on the ride which I urge you to check out if you haven’t seen it.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in wheelchair/ECV

bear bear2 bear3

Splash Mountain is the 3rd and final ‘mountain’ at WDW. It’s a log flume ride with a difference. It’s quite honestly the best log flume I have ever been on. It takes you on a journey with Breir Rabbit and other characters from ‘Song of the South’ including songs. It’s an amazing ride and again one of the most popular rides at the park. It also gives you an incredible view over the park and is especially magical at night.

Height Restrictions – 40in (102 cm) or taller

Thrill Level – Big Drops, Water Ride

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

splash splash2 splash3

Frontier Shootin’ Arcade well you can’t be in the Wild West and not shoot a gun.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

disability-parking-sign-at-disney May remain in Wheelchair/ECV

arcade arcade2 arcade3

Tom Sawyer Island is a purpose built island in the middle of the rivers of America. You get there by a raft which takes you on a tour of the island before it lands. It was recently reimagined and now has references to Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s an interactive adventure playground with a difference.

Height Restrictions – ANY HEIGHT

disability-parking-sign-at-disney Must be ambulatory



The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob a foot stompin trio who play Americana and Disney tunes. Outside the Frontier Trading Post – Check Guide for times

Jessie and Woody meet at Splash Mountain Exit

Places to Eat

Golden Oak Outpost quick service and home of the crispy waffle fries.


Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is an Old West Saloon serving burgers, pulled pork and ribs.

pecos pecos2

Westwood Ho a quick service kiosk serving frozen lemonade and drinks



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